“We all have our mountain.

Whatever that is, it does not

define who we are.

In fact, our mountain experience

can bring hope to others,

who are walking a

similar journey.”

-Kristin Decker


Kristin Decker is an anti-bullying advocate, speaker, and best-selling author. You may have caught her on MTV, or read about her in the Chicago Herald or in Southern Living Magazine. She has a masters degree in Social Work and speaks at high schools and colleges all across the nation about her life-threatening experiences with bullying and mental health. Her very first speech was in front of 25,000 students in a stadium, where she had the honor of sharing the stage with Toby Mac.

Kristin founded “Freedom From Bullying” as a way to put an end to bullying in schools and online permanently. The topic of bullying and self-esteem is close to Kristin’s heart because she was physically and psychologically bullied from sixth grade up until her senior year of high school with little relief. She has a mission to bring her message of empowerment to every school across the country.

Today, Kristin enjoys the freedom of confidence and real self-worth. She even ran 4,000 miles in 49 days all across the United States in support of young adults battling cancer.

She also proudly founded Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM) Colorado Springs chapter, which delivers food and necessities to people affected by homelessness through cycling.

Kristin Decker

CEO & Founder of Freedom From Bullying


Kristin is a virtual, live-stage speaker and has spoken to anywhere from 20 to up to 25,000 people about her life-threatening experience with bullying and mental health. Her ability to inspire audiences of all ages has led them to know they are not alone in the battles they face of being bullied and helps create a culture of change.


Middle School, High School,

Colleges, Conferences,

Networking Events, or Corporations


Bullying Almost Killed Me

Bullying: Be A Victor, Not A Victim

Not Defined By A Bully

Bullying: The Power Of One, You Can Save A Life

This Is Not The End, Suicide Prevention

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What Inspires Me to End Bullying

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“I cannot begin to tell you how much your message resonated with our youth. And as the

mother of a teenager who experiences some of the struggles you spoke about, I’d like to say

“thank you” from the bottom of my heart for speaking out and helping others feel like they

aren’t alone.”

– Susan D.- Adult Community Leader

“Your speech was INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely the most powerful speaker in all the mass

events. You are a huge role model; that we can overcome. I will never forget your bravery and

whenever there is a chance for kindness, I will thank if you and seize it.

Thank you, Kristin!”

– Madeline F.- Youth Participant


Freedom From Bullying Private Coaching

Kristin offers six- or twelve-month private coaching and mentorship for youth and their parents if they are experiencing bullying. Working one-on-one with Kristin as she provides the tools and resources to really gain freedom from bullying!

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Freedom From Bullying Group Coaching

Kristin offers group coaching with youth all over who are also experiencing bullying. Being a youth is tough and this online group coaching program empowers youth to gain freedom from bullying, know they aren’t alone in their battle with being bullied, and receive the tools needed!

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Freedom From Bullying VIP Day

A Freedom From Bullying Day includes one full day of intentional coaching that will provide the youth and parent with the tools and resources to gain the freedom that your youth deserves.

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Freedom From Bullying Integration Program

The biggest struggle schools, churches, and youth organizations have once speakers are done with their presentation is there is no follow up. Kristin offers a six- or twelve-month follow-up with your organization to help implement her message! Every month Kristin has something for either the parents or youth and will provide 2 or 4 speeches in addition!

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“I listened and was so profoundly touched. I am a mother of a son who has an invisible

disability. His courage as he walks through life humbles me. Your courage gives me hope.”

–Kristi G.- Parent of Youth

Overcoming Mediocrity Fearless Women Book

I am honored that my story is one of the 19 women’s story featured in this inspiring book, called “Overcoming Mediocrity Fearless Women.”

The stories are shared by fearless women who want to use their journey of overcoming their own mountain to inspire others who are walking a similar journey.

"Kristin is honest and raw in her delivery and is able to share incredible hope to anyone

struggling in their own way. Her honesty and openness with her own struggles allows her to

connect with anyone that is struggling. I highly recommend inviting her in to speak with your

schools or your youth groups to bring awareness of how common and damaging bullying can be

and help bring an end to it!"

-Jennifer E. Youth Ministry